After setting aside my interest in art for many years because of the demands of my career as a college teacher, I picked up a brush again about 25 years ago. I haven’t put it down again. Painting is my zen. Thanks to the patient instruction of Fairfax, Virginia, artist John Young, I continued to develop skill and confidence. I work in oil and acrylic in a variety of genres, especially landscape and portrait, and I particularly enjoy the challenge of copying the masters.

As a student and teacher of literature, I know the importance of stories in our lives – indeed, in all of human experience. Art has allowed me to explore narrative in an entirely different medium. Every painting tells a story, and I love the challenge of representing experience on canvas. Still life, portrait, landscape – even abstraction – allow us to represent, imagine, and reimagine our realities.

While I enjoy the challenge of all of these genres, I have recently explored the extraordinary beauty of outer space in both acrylic and oils. This subject allows for a wonderful marriage of realism and abstraction while reminding me of our place in the much larger story of the universe.

Work currently on exhibit:

Art in Public Places, Prosperity Flats, Vienna, Virginia
Franconia Government Center Art Show, Springfield, Virginia